runflat CBR title

Runflat CBR (Combined Beadlock Runflat) is the Company’s flagship long distance runflat insert, available in Off-Road, Low-Profile, and Military versions. Combined Beadlock and Runflat represents a step change in runflat technology for the single piece drop-centre wheel, providing all-tyres-deflated control and drivability with excellent traction and braking.

Third party independent testing at IDIADA, Spain verifies runflat distance capabilities in excess of 250km* Runflat CBR includes a new ‘Active Beadlock’ technology. With a wide central support for the deflated tyre and an anti-friction component for long distance runflat, tyre temperatures are kept in control while running flat.

A semi-sealed lubrication system allows for clean tyre changing or repair, negating the requirement to clean tyre cavities and/or replace lubricants when servicing.

The unique cantilever design ensures that when running flat loads are transferred to both the wheel’s seats. Traditional runflat inserts load the centre section of the wheel, which is not designed to carry such loads.

This feature can also reduce the requirement for heavy duty wheels. Multi-piece or specialist wheels are no longer the only option when beadlock is necessary. With Runflat CBR, for the first time, low pressure and CTI operations are usable on the normal single piece wheel. Lightweight single piece wheels can now be combined with Runflat CBR to offer significantly reduced unsprung weight, with correspondingly greater payload capacity, than when using the two-piece wheel and traditional runflat.

Fitting times can be less than 10 minutes and tyres may be fitted using normal machines or hand tools.


// 250+ km* runflat capability

// All-tyres-deflated runflat capability

// Anti-friction component with sealed lubrication

// The world’s most sophisticated runflat system for single piece wheels